WSTIE a member of the European-Association for Security

New security challenges posed by the reality of the tourism industry make it necessary for the market to have expert staff able to adequately address them. In order to provide this opportunity to students – and thus increase their chances in the job market – the University College of Tourism and Ecology has joined the prestigious association the European Association for Security.

EAS is an international association of security researchers and managers as well as academic institutions and social organizations from many countries around the world. Its goal is to combine the potential of theoretical and practical knowledge and, in so doing, develop mechanisms that allow for the development of the safety aspect in many industries – including tourism.

Taking advantage of the benefits of this cooperation, WSTiE is planning to launch innovative postgraduate studies “Safety in Tourism” and corresponding specialties in first and second degree studies. Their aim will be to provide students with knowledge and develop practical skills to assess threats to tourists, tourism organizations and organizers, as well as geographic space.

Developing an innovative programme, supported by the background of experts, will be the next step WSTiE is taking to prepare students for career development in the new post-COVID19 reality. Currently, the university provides advanced online training in hospitality management in the post-pandemic period, which is aimed at staff at every level: from managers to front desk staff.

All our activities are a response to the market demand for industry experts who will be able to efficiently respond to situations related to crises of different scope – explains dr Marek Nocoń, the head of postgraduate studies at WSTiE. At the moment it is about referring directly to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but safety in tourism is a much broader topic. And we will try to make our listeners and students get to know this topic from the inside out.