The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka (WSTiE)

was established in 2001 as a non-public higher education institution. It quickly developed into a strong interregional education centre, which now attracts both domestic and international students. The University is committed to excellence in education, providing its students with specialist knowledge and experience delivered by lecturers from renowned Polish universities.


The University is situated in Sucha Beskidzka, in an impressive Renaissance castle called ‘Small Wawel’, whose historic interiors have been adapted to modern, fully-equipped lecture rooms and laboratories. What our students value most is a friendly atmosphere at the University and a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that they can gain here. The University also prides itself for a strong study abroad program.

 A high position in the rankings


UCTE’s strong position is confirmed by its top places in major national rankings of higher education institutions.

·        The title of The Best Tourism School in Poland in 2014, which means the 1st position in the ranking of higher education schools in Poland by ‘TOURIST NEWS’ – the most important and influential journal in the tourism industry.
·        The winner of the Teaching Quality Prize – Sapere Auso 2014 awarded by the Małopolska Grant Foundation for the outstanding educational achievements and work with young people in the Małopolska region.
·         The title of The Best Tourism School in Poland in 2013, in the category of vocational training and scientific potential, awarded by ‘TOURIST NEWS’.
·        AWANS 2012 award for  the greatest qualitative leap in 2012 rankings of Polish higher education institutions, according to ‘PERSPEKTYWY’ and ‘RZECZPOSPOLITA’.

The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka offers:


–         an individual approach to students, assistance and academic guidance, a relaxed and supportive learning environment,

–         modern teaching programs based on European education systems, innovative and varied curricula,

–         specialist theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enhancing the graduates’ employability,

–         teaching staff comprising scholars and researchers from renowned Polish universities, including the Jagiellonian University and the    University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Cracow,

–         a wide variety of faculty workshops,

–         modern, fully-equipped laboratories, small-group seminars,

–         an opportunity to continue studies at foreign universities,

–         one of the most attractive student placement program, including internships and courses in Poland and abroad,

–         a wide range of scholarships and financial support including free of charge courses,

–         an ability to work independently, estimate the economic situation and make the right decisions.

 The University also boasts:

historic interiors in the University’s main building, beautiful settings, a friendly atmosphere, low cost of living, comfortable student accommodation, interesting optional workshops, a number of students associations and clubs, Academy of Business, Student Career Advisory Centre

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