Akademia Biznesu WSTIE

WSTiE Business Academy is the original initiative of the The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka. Inspired by solutions implemented by world’s best universities, WSTiE launched an innovative project aiming at combining universities’ enormous potential with dire needs of the market.
A unique program of effective practical training has been created, which – under the supervision of experienced teachers, practitioners and managers – helps students to learn how they can effectively use acquired knowledge and how to operate in business reality. Participation in the creation of effective market solutions makes students develop practical skills and enriches their experience. The market itself thus benefits from gaining specialized, modern and fully-committed young, ambitious professionals.
Participation in the WSTiE Business Academy guarantees an attractive job on the domestic market, shortly after graduation. This kind of experience can also greatly increase students’ chances of succeeding on the demanding European labor market.
Students participating in the WSTiE Business Academy project can count on financial and organizational support. For the most talented, the Academy will serve as a business incubator, helping them to develop their own businesses and support achieving personal success.