The University College of Tourism and Ecology boasts one of the most attractive student placement and internship programme carried out in Poland and abroad, which is prepared by the Academic Careers Office. Our students take advantage of hundreds of jobs in companies across Europe and the United States – this is a result of the active cooperation with many Polish and foreign business partners. Interns in other countries allow students to gain a real-life workplace experience and also bring them significant financial benefits.

Students qualified for the internship gain key practical knowledge and receive attractive pocket money, reimbursement of travel expenses and free board and lodging. Every UCTE student has an opportunity to participate in the internship programme carried out in: Spain – Canary Islands – Gran Canaria and La Palma, Majorca, Malta, Ireland, Germany, France, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Greece – including Zakynthos, Rhodes, Kos, Eastern Peloponnese. The Career Office assists in preparing application documents, helps develop students’ professional aptitude and make career choices. 


Thanks to UCTE, young people’s way of thinking is changing: from consumer and short-term to creative and focused on self and community development. Our graduates’ creativity and entrepreneurship result in the emergence of new companies, which enhance employment in the region. UCTE alumni find employment in global IT companies (working as: programmers, system analysts, graphic designers or webmasters), units of local government administration and public administration (including promotion, sports and tourism sections), news agencies and services, newspaper editors, advertising and PR agencies, eco- and agri-tourism, travel agencies, hotels, tourism and leisure businesses in Poland and all over the world.


Maintaining the cooperation with a number of foreign partners throughout the world plays a very important role in UCTE’s activity, as it seeks to improve the quality of education, facilitate the exchange of experience and promote the region and Poland internationally. It is also worth mentioning that the University has an extensive programme of social and incentive scholarships, including grants for foreign students.


Launching the studies in the English language was an obvious consequence of the decision to internationalize the University – opening to international markets enhances the employability of our graduates on the labour market. At UCTE both Polish and foreign students can take courses carried out in English.


UCTE encourages its students to take an active part in the community life by organising volunteer work, charities or pro-social activities. Participation in such events helps to improve students’ skills and gives them a better entry into the labour market.


Being a student means also a unique opportunity to meet new people, build life-lasting friendships and develop long-term cooperations. UCTE students are enterprising, ambitious and seek to be involved in many initiatives. They work in scientific associations and student government, organize conferences, debates, trips, mountain expeditions and various events.