Short cycle Higher Education

  • Certified bookkeeping specialist – short-cycle higher education

Graduate gains skills of accountancy organization in different organizations, keeping records of economic operations, valuation of assets and liabilities, determining the financial result, preparing reports and conducting financial analysis, conducting an inventory and accounting for its results.

  • Certified HR and salaries specialist – short-cycle higher education

Graduates gains knowledge and skills necessary in work in the HR and salaries departments in structures of small, medium and large companies, public administration offices, accounting offices and other organizations, as well as in providing external services in this field.

  • Certified IT specialist – short-cycle higher education

Certified IT specialist may start work in diversified sectors of economy in which computer technologies are used:

– Company IT service departments
– Operation and administration of computer networks
– graphic services departments for publishing houses,
– companies marketing services departments,
– website design and administration,
–  own business in the field of IT services

  • Certified It specialist – programmer – short-cycle higher education

Certified IT specialist – programmer can start work:

– in IT companies developing and selling of software
– in the computer games industry
– in companies developing WEB software
– in enterprises creating products and services based on artificial intelligence methods
– in all sectors that use IT technologies, inter alia in banking, electronics, commerce, automotive, transport, telecommunications and media

  • Certified logistics specialist – short-cycle higher education

Graduate of specialization has skills of active participation in implementation of logistic processes in all stages of logistics security chains in small, medium and large logistic companies and production facilities.

  • Certified sales specialist – short-cycle higher education

Certified sales specialist gains competencies in field of fundamentals of economy, customer service, team organization and team working. Gets known with modern trends supporting achieving highest results, tools of shaping and influencing relations with coworkers and board. During education, active methods of knowledge presentation will be used, with the use of exercises and interactive workshops.

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