Why choose our University?

Studying at the University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka you will:

  • – acquire the knowledge that will equip you to be successful in the employment market and work in various attractive sectors of the economy;
  • – develop essential professional skills through the University placement program enabling students to work internationally in reputable companies and thus learn how to operate on the European market;
  • – gain practical skills participating in seminars, conferences, workshops held both in Poland and abroad;
  • – learn how to work independently and flexibly, how to further educate yourself to enhance your employability and boost your career, adapting to ever-changing technologies and trends in the labour market;
  • – learn two foreign languages to the level which will enable you to communicate effectively and work abroad;
  • – be prepared to function and succeed in the business world.


My education, my future.