WSTiE – leader of change in the tourism industry

COVID-19 has clearly left its mark on the tourism industry. New trends have emerged, as well as the need for a team of experts capable of managing tourism during and after the pandemic. The University College of Tourism and Ecology not only recognises these challenges, but has ready-made solutions to turn risks into opportunities.

RankingsDomestic university – global standards

WSTiE, which has been leading in rankings of industry schools for years, consistently participates in market research. Analyses allow us to spot trends, forecast their evolution and react to them. – We take into account recommendations of global organisations OECD and UNWTO, as we adjust our study programmes to the market needs – says Bartłomiej Walas, PhD, WSTiE professor, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation. – The interest in mass travel is decreasing, the importance of sustainable tourism is growing, which means the necessity to prepare managerial staff differently and to develop new competences. It is possible thanks to modern education programmes, which are already available at WSTiE.

Direction: the future

Security, digitalisation and customer service are just some of the areas that students learn to manage in innovative ways. New specialisations have been created (content marketing in tourism, environmentally friendly tourism management) and certified CRM training. Students can participate in webinars and academic conferences, as well as professional online simulations. – Thanks to the latest remote learning tools, we have turned challenges into successes – says Dr Walas. – Students gain certificates, which are respected by foreign employers, publish their own research results and build an individual career path. Under the supervision of lecturers-practitioners, they take advantage of prestigious post-graduate studies Hotel Manager (with PRK qualifications), as well as the MBA programme. That is why WSTiE graduates not only keep up with global changes, but also create future trends in the industry.


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