National Center of Innovations in Tourism (KCIT) was established by The University Collegeof Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka – the national leader in training of professional for tourist-sector – and is being run in close cooperation with the business industry. Due to the enormous development of information and communication technologies, followed by social media boom and the culture of innovation and creativity, having an unconventional impact on civilization changes becomes the most urgent challenge. Innovation and creativity require both scientific research, modern technologies and the adoption of an open-minded and dynamic attitude, as well as developing and applying new solutions to many areas of life. National Center of Innovations in Tourism can identify and implement such solutions. This is enabled by long years of University’s experience in operating in tourism sector. According to the most important tourism industry ranking, in the years 2013 and 2014 WSTiE occupied the first position among non-public universities in Poland. The Center, headed by individuals with significant professional achievements and high competence in management, tourism, ecology and culture sectors, aims at creating a platform for cooperation between entities involved in tourism economy and supporting educational process required in that sector. KCIT, as an inspirer and coordinator of innovative projects, is open for cooperation with anyone interested in the development of regional and trans regional tourism, in particular with: enterprises, institutions, tourist organizations and specialists dealing with tourism, ecology and innovations industries.

National Centre of Innovations in Tourism:

– Participates in of regional, industry and sectorial projects, in tourism clusters and chambers, associations and organizations;

– Participates in public law partnerships;

– Is a reliable business partner for undertakings regarding tourism, leisure and related sectors;

– Initiates and develops innovative concepts for tourism, proposals for touristic products,

standards, know-how, best practices, etc.;

– Offers solutions for tourism;

– Provides training, courses, conferences, symposia and other events for tourism and related sectors;

– Provides solutions for business and tourism, such as programs and strategies for tourism development, implementation and evaluation of development strategies (operational programs), updating strategic documents, analysis and market research, tourist sector audits, tourism product concepts (projects), business plans and feasibility studies ;

– Monitors and obtains funding (grants, donations, fundraising) from various domestic and foreign sources;

– Takes other initiatives in the economic sphere

– Do you have an interesting concept for product, organizational or process innovation?

– Are you looking for a reliable business partner for a project concerning tourism-related industries?

– Would you like to conduct analysis, research or develop a new strategy?

Contact us for terms of cooperation!

National Centre of Innovations in Tourism at The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka

Sucha Beskidzka 30-015, ul. Zamkowa 1

Phone: 338745425, E-mail:

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