What is bachelor?

After 3 or 3, 5 years to obtain a university diploma and a specific profession, together with the necessary practical skills. This gives the opportunity to continuation of the supporting science for master studies.

Two-stage sort of studies is common in developed countries, where high costs of education and the subsequent continuing education, do not allow for (too) long period of basic studies. As already mentioned, the adjustment plan and program of study to current standards allow graduates of our College University take the Master’s degree studies in various academic centers and universities.

What are the prospects after graduation?

Graduates are able to continue their studies at Masters of complementary studies. Frequently it is the part – time mode and a graduate may take the same job. Thanks to the earlier practice, the graduates are adequately prepared to work in their specialties and enjoy a good reputation in the labor market.
For students interested in, there is the possibility of studying in the UK and gain a second diploma.

Can private school offer financial aid to students?

Yes, in our School more than 25% of students benefit from assistance in the form of scholarship. In addition, students receive scholarship for the best research or scholarship to go to study abroad.

Is the School provides additional opportunities for development in the study?

Students participate in the life of the University. Prepare and implement projects through that have the potential to translate their knowledge of specific skills, acting in the realities of the market. They work within the Student Government, sections and scientific circles, seminars and youth programs, participate in events, trade fair stand, lead and animation workshops, participate in charity schools, make concrete proposals for media promotion, give interviews to television and radio and promote the region in Poland and throughout Europe.

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