Erasmus+ is a kind of certificate to enable our College to apply for funding for specific actions provided for in the Erasmus program, which aims primarily to develop the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and to facilitate international cooperation and exchanges in education. 

Erasmus+ is EU program in the field of education, trainings, youth and sport scheduled for 2014-2020. Total budget of the program is 14,7 billion EUR. Erasmus+ is based on the achievements of European educational programs, which functioned for 25 years, and is the effect of connection of following European initiatives implemented by the European Commission during 2007-2013: “The Lifelong Learning” program, “Youth in Action” program, Erasmus Mundus program, Tempus, Alfa and Edulink as well as programs of cooperation between industrialized countries in field of Higher Education.   


Erasmus+ program offers financial support for institutions and organizations functioning in the field of education and trainings, youth and sport in Europe. Answering challenges marked by strategical documents of European Policy (first of all Europe 2020 strategy),the program is to contribute to develop skills of its participants and increasing chances for employment, and also modernization of education systems, trainings and support for youth.