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The University College of Tourism and Ecology is a strong international education center, which attracts both domestic and international students. The University is committed to excellence in education, providing its students with specialist knowledge and experience delivered by the best lecturers and practicians of business.

The main University headquarters are located in an impressive Renaissance castle called ‘Small Wawel’, whose historic interiors have been adapted to modern, fully-equipped lecture rooms and laboratories. What our students value most is a friendly atmosphere at the University and a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills which they gain here as well as abroad.

UCTE has succeeded in developing educational structure which allows its students and faculty to collaborate from multiple locations in Poland and all over the world, creating innovative solutions to contemporary problems of the tourism industry, information technology and political sciences. Both our students and academics are able to expand their knowledge, participating in numerous international projects. 

Our University offers:
– study abroad programmes (our students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies at one of our partner universities in Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary and Portugal);
– direct exchange programs;
– rich internship programmes in renowned foreign institutions;
– flexibility of the learning mode and tailor-made courses;
– distance learning mode;
– classes held at weekends (90% of our part-time students are professionally active persons who can easily reconcile work with their studies);
– individual career paths (designed in collaboration with the Academy of Business).

UCTE offers a broad range of both first-cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) and second-cycle (Master’s Degree) courses, either as full-time or part-time studies, as well as numerous postgraduate and qualification courses. Our University provides a wide variety of specializations within three faculties: Leisure and Tourism, Computer Sciences, and Social Sciences, offering modern curricula designed according to specific competences and qualifications, highly sought after by employers. Thanks to the cooperation with lecturers and fellow students from foreign universities, our students are able not only to broaden their theoretical knowledge and enhance their skills, but also to contribute to the development of industries within which they will pursue their future careers.

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