Hotel and catering management

The constantly growing number of travellers and tourists makes the hotel and catering industry thrive. Both newly emerging hotel facilities, as well as existing ones, expanding their services, require well-prepared staff: creative, innovative, ready to meet the expectations of the modern tourist.

Are you interested in management in one of the key branches of the economy?

Have you always dreamed about a prestigious job full of challenges?

Working with people is what you feel?

The HORECA sector is waiting for you!


  • Hospitality and gastronomy are one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy.
  • Everyday satisfaction with communing with people.
  • Work in the most prestigious facilities in the country and in the world.
  • Classes with international class hotel managers.


  • you will gain practical first-hand knowledge;
  • you will learn the secrets of hotel management;
  • you will master the analysis of the hotel and catering market;
  • you will learn to avoid risky mistakes using the knowledge of lecturers-practitioners;
  • you will learn aspects of quality management in accommodation and catering facilities;
  • you will gain customer service skills;
  • you will learn to use the latest solutions in company management, e.g. e-commerce or price management;
  • you will learn how to evaluate new projects and implement them in the hotel and restaurant;
  • you will get comprehensive knowledge about the tourism economy;
  • you will master the creation of new offers;
  • you will enter the world of hoteliers.

Your career in the industry:

  • hotel manager,
  • catering manager,
  • employee of international hotel brands,
  • HORECA market analyst,
  • catering specialist,
  • restaurant sales and marketing specialist,
  • hotel or restaurant owner.
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