E-business in tourism

Tourism, one of the most dynamically developing branches of the world economy, has always crossed the borders. Faced with the challenges of modern 4.0 industry, also it has entered another dimension of customer service, a significant part of marketing and sales activities moving to the network.

Do you want to know the current trends and techniques of electronic sales?

Do you want to gain competences in the field of virtual customer service?

Or maybe you want to start your own business online?


  • More than half of booking hotel rooms, airline tickets and tours is done over the Internet.
  • Knowledge of modern IT solutions guarantees success in the industry.
  • Building an e-relation with the customer is the key to the company’s development.
  • The ability to combine traditional and e-business tools is the basis of the modern manager’s workshop.


  • you will get to know the world of tourism e-market players;
  • you will gain the ability to navigate the virtual tourist market;
  • you will gain knowledge about information security in e-business;
  • you will learn the rules of functioning of electronic travel agencies;
  • you will learn to use applications in real business conditions;
  • you will learn the secrets of running a virtual tourist company;
  • you will learn to manage e-relations with tourists and hotel guests.

Your career in the industry:

  • travel agency internet marketing employee,
  • online sales specialist,
  • designer of tourist products in electronic tourism enterprises,
  • v-logger, blogger, e-travel journalist,
  • e-entrepreneur.
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