For many years University College of Tourism and Ecology has been cooperating with partner universities from other European countries, among others from: Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Portugal and with universities from Kazakhstan and Georgia. Results of this cooperation are: joint international projects, research projects, conferences, lectures, monographs, publications and exchanges of staff and students.

University of Central Lancashire Preston (UCLan) – one of the largest universities in the UK, with a community of students and staff close to 40,000, as well as with more than 500 undergraduate majors and about 180 postgraduate curricula. The university is located in the heart of Preston. It was founded in 1828 as the “Institute for the dissemination of knowledge”, in 1992 UCLan granted university status. The university also possesses campuses at Westlakes in West Cumbria (program for nuclear and energy-related research); Llangollen in North Wales (education reaching outside); Burnley, Lancashire and the latest – specially designed – International Campus in Cyprus, which opened in 2012. In terms of teaching Tourism, Hospitality and Events (THE), popularity rankings of universities in England place University of Central Lancashire among the top five.

University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka, together with the University of Central Lancashire implement numerous projects under the Erasmus + program. Owing to the joint efforts, educational, scientific and student exchanges are taking place every year.

University of Bedfordshire in Luton, England – cooperation agreement, exchange of training programs, storyboards, students’ works, coordination of joint research, classification points curriculum, visits by employees of both universities, lectures in English, exchange of professional experience, the appointment of coordinators responsible for the implementation of the program, providing students with high quality teaching; assessing their progress in learning, developing criteria for the recruitment and conducting qualification exams, possibility for WSTiE students to continue their education at the University of Bedfordsire in Luton and obtain their British diploma: “Manager of Tourism Studies” (3 + 1 and 2 + 2), being taken care of by other young people studying at university in Bedfordsire, having space in the dorms and all other support guaranteed.

University of Palermo, Italy – cooperation agreement with this university puts the main emphasis on tourism and related issues, the exchange of academic staff, teaching and student exchanges. The University, together with WSTiE, participated in a major international project financed with EU funds – Ecocycles. The history of the university dates back to the end of the fourteenth century, when law and medicine were taught there. In 1806 the university was officially formed in Palermo. Nowadays it educates about 50 000 students on 12 faculties, both at the undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and post-graduate levels.

University of Gothenburg, Sweden – the agreement signed with WSTiE covers the exchange of staff and students. Due to the profile of the university, co-operation with WSTiE focuses mainly on the areas related to ecological and cultural tourism. Drawing from years of its experience, the University of Gothenburg, together with the University College of Tourism and Ecology, inaugurated strategic partnership aiming at building joint educational programs. The University educates around 37,000 students at 8. departments and enjoys more than century-old academic traditions. As a strong academic unit, it hires 6 000 employees, offers attractive study programs and attracts students and researchers from around the world. As a university possessing an environmental certificate, it also actively works for sustainable development.

University of Milan, Italy – together with this university, there was a scientific conference organized in WSTiE. The cooperation resulted in the exchange of experience of teaching staff. University of Milan is a public university consisting of 8 faculties and employing over 2 000 lecturers. The school educates 64 000 students in departments of Agriculture and Nutrition Sciences, Physical Culture and Sports, Law, and Science and Technology. The university is located in the historic area of Milan and is a cultural and educational symbol of the region.

INP – Instituto Superior de Novas Profissões, Portugal – the international cooperative education student and teaching staff exchange program under the framework of the Erasmus project, exchange of experience in teaching and research, joint lectures and completion of part of studies at the partner university. Instituto Superior Novas Profissões in Lisbon educates in field of: education, tourism, advertising, communication, administration, management and journalism.

Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences, Hungary – scientific and educational cooperation regarding information technology and tourism sectors. Joint research concerning tourism is constantly carried out by both universities. Thanks to many years of partnership between WSTiE and University Eszterházy Károly, a strategic partnership is being built. University of Applied Sciences is a dynamic higher education entity located in the baroque city of Eger, where it serves as the center of information, intellectual and cultural life. The school’s mission is to increase the quality of education in Hungary. To achieve this goal, the university develops further programs of study and uses the experience of its international partners, among others, of University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka.

Karoly Robert College in Gyöngyös, Hungary – the mission of the university is to contribute to the development of the society by providing educational services and scientific research at the highest international level. It offers practice-oriented education, training with theoretical and practical knowledge in various areas of interest. The university works closely on an international scale, giving its students, teachers and staff the possibility to participate in exchanges projects. The interdisciplinary approach to high-quality education and research allows the university to engage in a number of educational and research projects, both at national and international level.

Knowledge, innovation and experience are main advantages of Karoly Robert Főiskola. Its staff are scientists conducting research related to the topic of their study, academic teachers with years of experience and practitioners. In addition to having a deep theoretical knowledge and good preparation merits, they also have extensive practical experience. The confirmation of their qualifications are numerous certificates, completed trainings and many hours of conducted courses, trainings and teaching.

The result of cooperation with WSTiE were numerous realized projects such as: youth projects within the Youth in Action, 3 year project Erasmus IP, short and long-term visits of scientists, academics and experts, organization of seminars, lectures, workshops and specialized courses.

Higher School of Economics in Szolnok, Hungary – the cooperation between WSTiE and Szlonok Főiskola focuses mainly on the exchange of experience, academic staff, joint research and projects. As one of the fastest growing universities in Hungary, Solnok Főiskola offers undergraduate studies in 8 and postgraduate in 30 different fields. The university hosts students from over 10 foreign countries and gives them the opportunity to study in the English language.

Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, Hungary – Agreement on cooperation regarding the exchange of students and teaching staff under the framework of the Erasmus program, exchange of teaching and research experience, joint lectures and possibility of completing part of studies at the partner university. Kodolányi János Főiskola educates more than 10 000 students in the following areas: administration, communication, tourism, medicine, humanities, social sciences and international relations.

Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia – Agreement on cooperation concerning joint research, exchange of teaching staff and students under the Erasmus program, exchange of experience in teaching and research, joint lectures and realization of part of studies at the partner university.

– Implementation of joint cross-border project ,,Together for sustainable tourism”; the phenomenon of tourism and tourist traffic occurring within the Polish-Slovak border were studied and implementation of innovations in the field of sustainable tourism was recommended. The main objectives: dissemination of the principles of sustainable development in tourism activities, promoting good practices in sustainable tourism, building potential of sustainable tourism in the region of Polish-Slovak border, the development of tourism and health-oriented prevention, the creation of tourism products based on natural and cultural values.
– Implementation of joint cross-border project ,,Sustainable tourism Beskidy Euroregion”, which contributed to raising the attractiveness of the socio-economic and ecological Polish-Slovak border area, inter alia by continuing the research related to the development of sustainable tourism. The main objectives: the continuation of studies devoted to tourism phenomenon, implementation of innovations in the field of sustainable tourism, boosting the growth of employment in tourism and tourism-related industries, supporting existing partnerships aiming at strengthening touristic potential of Podbeskidzie, development of pro-health and prevention tourism, promoting the principles of sustainable development tourist activities in the area of Polish-Slovak border, promoting good practices and strengthening the potential of sustainable tourism near the border region. The beneficiaries of both projects were residents of Polish-Slovak border, local business entities, local community, university students involved in the project, as well as local and regional authorities.

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia – an agreement for cooperation signed between universities enables the exchange of staff and students. The University has 6 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs and also runs numerous projects of continuing education. Since its foundation in 1952, it is one of the leading universities in Slovakia. The university educates in fields related to agriculture and is ranked among the leaders on the Slovak educational market.

Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic – agreement on cooperation regarding the exchange of students and teaching staff, exchange of experience in the areas of teaching and research, joint lectures and possibility of completing part of studies at the partner university. Since 1953 the University has been dynamically operating on the Czech educational market and currently runs more than 100 research projects. The university educates 8 000 students in six departments: Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Humanities and Education, Economics, Fine Arts and Architecture, as well as Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Georgian Aviation University in Tbilisi, Georgia – cooperation in conducting research projects, exchanges of experts and academics, student exchanges, issuing publications. The history of the university dates back to 1992 when, based on a strong tradition of aviation in Georgia, it was decided that an institute of educational science should be created within the structure of the Georgian Technical University. In 2005 a decision to disconnect the institute from the structure of Technical University was made and the new university was created. At present, the University has superior equipment and provides its students with a comfortable environment to study.

Anadolu University, Eskişehir – an agreement on cooperation regarding the exchange of students and teaching staff under the Erasmus program, exchange of experience in teaching and research, joint lectures and possibility of completing part of studies at the partner university. The University was founded in 1990. It educates in the following areas: social sciences, economics, humanities, technical, business, architecture, law and medicine. The University offers its students advanced infrastructure and are encouraged not only to improve their knowledge but also to indulge into social and cultural activities on a global scale.

Izobraževalni Center Piramida Maribor, Višje strokovna Šola, Slovenia – Agreement on cooperation in the exchange of students and teaching staff in the framework of the Erasmus program. The university provides highest level of education in fields of Catering Technology and Food Science. The university is focused on cooperation with business partners and developing professional skills of its students. The university is constantly developing international cooperation under the framework of the program Erasmus +.

Augstskola Rezeknes, Latvia – agreement on cooperation under the framework of the Erasmus program (student exchanges, student traineeships). Latvian university offers education in areas of computer science, social sciences and management. It was created from the merger of a few branches of the University of Latvia and Riga Technical University.

WSTiE has signed agreements and has been actively cooperating with 17 universities from Ukraine, among which are: Lviv State Institute of Economics and Tourism, the National Aviation University in Kiev, the International University of Economic Sciences and Humanities bearing the name of Stepan Demjanczuka in Rivne, National Economics University of Odessa.

WSTiE cooperates with five universities from Kazakhstan. Our university has been selected as the venue for presenting the exhibition promoting world’s cultural, science, technology and peoples of the world heritage “EXPO 2017”. The event will be hosted by that country’s capital, Astana.