Our mission is to provide students with such skills and knowledge that will enable them to find satisfying jobs and use their competence and qualifications on the labour market. UCTE is committed to excellence in teaching and places a particular emphasis on professional training and creating a unique academic environment. In order to achieve this goal our curricula are designed to be correlated with the market environment and the offered courses anticipate the needs of the labour market.


UCTE aims to enhance students’ chances on the European labour market – our students can gain additional qualifications taking up various courses, workshops and trainings, as well as participating in plentiful meetings with significant actors in public life, politicians and scientists.

The University College of Tourism and Ecology offers professional training that will allow for easier entry into the labour market. Our graduates work in such sectors as tourism, information technology, promotion and marketing. The university offers its students the possibility to contact prospective employers during the course of study; it organizes internships both in Poland and abroad and often helps graduates to find jobs.

Every year UCTE’s Academic Career Office prepares job offers from the best employers. Students can choose from hundreds of jobs in companies operating in Poland, throughout Europe or the United States. This rich work placement programme resulted from active cooperation with domestic and foreign business partners. Gaining work experience is important – this is why UCTE’s students are offered internships in such places as Spain – Canary Islands, Gran Canaria and La Palma – Majorca, Malta, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Greece – including Zakynthos, Rhodes, Kos – East Peloponnese, Ireland, Germany and France. They work for international IT corporations both in Poland and abroad, promotion and marketing sector and state administration. The Academic Career Office assists students in the preparation of application documents, assesses their professional dispositions and helps them make career choices. Creativity of our graduates has resulted in new businesses, which provide employment not only for their founders but also for other people. Our graduates find employment in global IT companies (working as: programmers, systems analysts, designers, webmasters, etc.), in units of local government administration and public administration (e.g. within  promotion, sports and tourism departments), they work for news services and press agencies, newspapers, PR and advertising agencies, travel agencies, hotels, tourism and recreation businesses in Poland and abroad, they run eco and agritourism farms.

One of the main tasks of the university, from the very beginning of its functioning, has been  to equalize educational opportunities, to support development of economically disadventaged and gifted youths, as well as to help those who for various reasons, have less access to education.