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11Bachelor, WSTiE
11Master's degree, WSTiE
11Postgraduate studies
11MBA studies
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20 years of quality education

Title of the Best Tourism University – for many years first place in the ranking of the best tourism universities in Poland. Unquestioned leader in the category of universities offering the best professional preparation.

Accreditation of fields of study according to the latest and highest standards of the Minister of Education and Science and the Polish Accreditation Committee.

High European Standards for comprehensive preparation of Higher Education Institutions for admission and education of foreign students approved by the Ministry of Interior and Administration

Sapere Auso Teaching Quality Award, for outstanding achievements in working with young people and educational achievements in shaping the young generation.


  • innovative curricula, based on modern European models, designed to teach, inspire and ignite passion
  • innovative curricula, based on modern European models, designed to teach, inspire and ignite passion
  • international academic and management staff of professionals and practitioners
  • one of the most attractive worldwide internship and apprenticeship offers in Poland
  • individual career path for the best students, designed in cooperation with the Business Academy
  • the possibility of realizing a part of studies at recognized foreign universities, among others in Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain and Italy
  • remote learning for students from all over the world, delivered in real time using the most up-to-date technology
  • flexible and dedicated mode of education allowing to combine work and study
  • attractive workshops from the first year of studies
  • possibility of studying in English
  • modern infrastructure, technologies and educational tools
  • an extensive program of social and motivational scholarships
  • possibility of continuing education at specialist level, post-graduate and managerial studies
  • intimate atmosphere of studying within the walls of a renaissance castle
  • fascinating student life, scientific associations, interest groups, free study of additional foreign languages


11wstie in rankings

WSTiE is the best non-public university in Małopolska!

Perspektywy University Ranking 2021 is the most important and prestigious list of Polish universities. The University College of Tourism and Ecology was once again ranked at the top. WSTiE was appreciated for world-class research, top personnel, didactic quality, cooperation with the business sector and excellent employment prospects for graduates.


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